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Change Windows 7 Taskbar to Work like Vista

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A lot of people don’t like the new taskbar feature of Windows 7. Others prefer the old Vista taskbar over the Windows 7 taskbar. You can change Windows 7 taskbar to work like Vista taskbar.  It takes some time before you get accustomed to your Windows 7 taskbar. But if you don’t have time to get used to the new version and want your computer to work the same way like before, here is a way to change Windows 7 taskbar to work like Vista

Right-click the empty area on the Taskbar

Select Properties

The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties windows will open. Under the box called Use small icons and Taskbar location on screen, select the option Combine when taskbar is full from the drop down of Taskbar buttons.



Click on the Apply button.


You have successfully changed the Windows 7 taskbar to work like Vista. Now the Taskbar look similar to how it did in Vista.  It will not appear very much alike to Vista taskbar, but the functions will be the same.

A different way to achieve the same is by unpinning all the programs from the Windows 7 taskbar.

Add a quick launch bar to Windows 7. This will change the Windows 7 taskbar to work like Vista after the Quick Launch Bar is enabled.

I hope these tips will be helpful for people who want to use Windows 7 but still prefer Vista’s taskbar. The people who are very busy and can’t spent time on learning how to use the Windows 7 taskbar can follow these simple steps.

Source: ComputerOnlineTips

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