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New “KSB Securities” Scam Email

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A new scam email going around mentions a Mr. Bengt Langser and KSB Securities.

The email is a typical scam phishing email that tries to lure unsuspecting recipients into forwarding money to someone so they can be part of a huge payday. The email claims Bengt Langster is retiring soon and has kidney failure and needs someone as a next of kin to be part of a financial reimbursement. There is even a fake passport photo included. The best response is to delete the email, don’t reply and definitely do not send any money.


I am Mr.Bengt Langser senior account manager of KSB Securities,a registered Financial Security company here in the United Kingdom,I am contacting in regards to a very crucial financial disbursement with a tune of £2.340,000.00GBP(Two million three hundred and forty thousand pounds only).I am expected to retire by September this year and during my years of Service I was the personal account manager to Engr.David Francisco Fernandez Castro a Mexican who was an oil merchant and also into private practice made a fixed deposit amounting to £2.340,000.00GBP within 3years before he was diagnosed of Kidney failure and had to return back to his country for treatment as his health was unstable.On December 12th 2009 Engr.David Francisco was confirm dead as I was in constant contact with medical center during his period of admission there and from his record with this firm he did not declare anybody as his next of kin because he was still single before his death.

What bothers me most is that I will be retiring from active service by September this year and this deposit have been unserviceable though secured with our firm all these years after the death of Engr.David Francisco.According to the financial Laws of the United Kingdom at the end of this year this deposit is expected to be sent to the British Treasury house which means the Government will take over these funds.I have given a deep taught on this issue and decided to contact you if you are interested so that you can contact our firm(KSB Financial Securities)as the next of Kin to Engr.David Francisco,since all the documents of regards to his account are in my custody,I will immediately insert your name as his next of kin since the Bank is never aware he did not declare any next of kin to this deposit.Should you be willing to partner with me in the Transaction kindly Indicate your wiliness to assist by sending an email to my private email box (b.langser@outlook.com)for more details on how to proceed and please I want to assure you that this is a 100% risk free Venture as all I demand from you is been matured and secrecy as I do not want the firm to know I am in contact with you.

I have attached a copy of my passport for verification of the sender of this mail and I await your response to know if we can proceed as I expect this transaction completed before my retirement from active service by September this year as I intend going into Real Estate Management in my country Sweden as I am a Swedish by nationality.


Bengt Langser.

Senior Account Manager(DFMR).

KSB Financial Securities.

Mail: b.langser@ksb-securities.com

 Bengt Langser

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