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Parental Controls: Google Safe Search

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Use Google SafeSearch filter to block unwanted search results.


About Google’s SafeSearch filter

Many users prefer not to have adult content included in their search results (especially if kids use the same computer). Google’s SafeSearch filters provide you with the ability to change your browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in your search results. Google uses automated methods to identify objectionable content, and constantly works to improve those methods based on user feedback. For sexually explicit content, our filter mainly relies on algorithms that look at many factors, including keywords, links, and images. No filter is 100 percent accurate, but SafeSearch should help you avoid most of this type of material.

Enable the SafeSearch filter

  1. Visit the Google Preferences page.
  2. In the SafeSearch Filtering section, choose the SafeSearch level you’d like to use:
    • Strict filtering filters sexually explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, as well as results that might link to explicit content.
    • Moderate filtering excludes sexually explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, but does not filter results that might link to explicit content. This is the default SafeSearch setting.
    • No filtering, as you’ve probably figured out, turns off SafeSearch filtering completely.
  3. Click Save Preferences at the bottom of the page when you’re done setting your preferences.

We do our best to keep SafeSearch as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible, but objectionable content sometimes slips through the cracks. If you have SafeSearch set to Moderate or Strict and still stumble upon search results containing explicit content, please report these images.

Also, please note that no filter can replace a watchful eye. SafeSearch can serve as one of many tools and practices to help your family search the web more safely. For more pointers on keeping your family safe on the web, visit Google’s Family Safety Center.

SafeSearch should remain set as long as cookies are enabled on your computer, although your SafeSearch settings may be reset if you delete your cookies.


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