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Common XBOX 360 Error Codes:

The lights around the power button on the XBox 360 indicate various errors.

  • Lights 1,2,3 and 4 flashing red:
  • AV cable cannot be detected. Check the video cable connection. If the connection is OK then get a new cable.
  • Lights 1,3 and 4 flashing red:
  • General hardware failure. Try restarting the console. If that does not work, remove video cable and hard drive then restart.
  • Lights 1 and 3 flashing red:
  • Console overheating. Switch off and allow to cool. Make sure ventilation ports are not blocked.
  • Lights 1,2 and 3 flashing red:
  • “Red Ring of Death”.
  • Light 4 flashing red:
  • Specific error (see below).

E64, E65, E66 are DVD drive errors. E67, E68, E69, E79 are hard drive errors. E73 is an ethernet port error. E74 is a video error. Possibilities include AV cable problems and HANA/GPU overheating.

If you need to clean your game disc follow these instructions: How to Clean Your Game Disc

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