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XBox 360 Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep your XBox 360 in an open area. Don’t put it in an entertainment center cabinet or drawer. You want an area where air can flow freely around the XBox 360.
  • You’ll also want to make sure the Xbox is not located near a heat source like the back side of a television, computer, monitor, or other electrical device.
  • Keep your XBox 360 off the carpet. The carpet can trap heat and inhibit air flow making it harder for the XBox to stay cool.
  • Keep your XBox 360 as dust free as possible. blow it out with compressed air at least a couple times a year or bring it into BitWise and we will blow it out for you.

The above tips can help you avoid any general hardware failures related to the XBox overheating.

If you need to clean your game disc follow these instructions: How to Clean Your Game Disc

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