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SEO: Tips, tricks and tactics.

A successful SEO strategy includes using many different tactics all of which add to the end result of massive page rank domination. What it all really boils down to is getting noticed in a big or dominant way for your targeted keywords and phrases. Targeted traffic is the name of the game. He who has the most wins. The more search results that you dominant in your niche the more you will be regarded as the “authority” and authority is a good thing. In fact it is really the type of preeminent exposure that money can’t buy but that a good strategic SEO plan insures.

There are over 29,000,000 million small business owners in the US and 13,000,000 don’t have a website which equals massive opportunity.

Of the 29,000,000 million 69% are Mom and Pop business owners. In order to dominate the search engines small business owners need more than one first page ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Most professional SEO firms consider two and greater to be domination. Small business owners need a way to engage their potential clients and customers. Traditional marketing (yellow pages, newspapers, magazine and other forms are dead) is a dinosaur. And this is where the opportunity lies. The company that does it correctly will have a massive competitive advantage.

Small business owners are seeking help but are not sure where to turn. They want answers and are willing to pay for solutions. By using specialized tools it is rather easy to drill down to the money keywords. Once found a strategy then needs to be implemented to attack the on-line and mobile market with a seamless transition.

There are many variables that go into making for a successful campaign. Just one solution is not the answer. Think more like 10 plus; easy to implement and easy to maintain solutions as being the answer.

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